Simplicity through Systems Integration

From talent assessment and management to applicant tracking—you rely on multiple systems daily to fulfill your core employee selection and development processes and initiatives. You handle different sites, numerous passwords and various workflows—while utilizing, managing and merging an assortment of data across each system. What if pan simplified it?

Our integration platform connects your specific pan assessment solution and your talent management technology with an easy-to-use interface. That means—one convenient point of entry and a single sign-on where you can access your data and employ the functionality of both systems. Integration improves visibility across your human resource technology, methods and data. And, it reduces costs and resources required to manually synchronize data across your systems. Depending upon your desired service level, your integration solution can also include additional talent assessment functionality and complex workflow capabilities to:

  • Order assessments, test batteries and processes
  • Launch assessments via a dynamic single sign on URL
  • Retrieve the assessment status and results upon candidate completion
  • View detailed score reports for completed assessments and test batteries.
  • Receive results and statuses from pan at various points within a process
  • Deliver multiple assessment "steps" at various points in a partner's process and combine results in a single score report
  • Schedule assessments at a proctored test center
  • Request dynamic, time-limited single sign on links for testers at any point in the process