From Simple to Complex - pan Creates Solutions

No two organizations are identical. All juggle a multitude of factors that makes them unique. Different sizes and reach. Diverse people, jobs and employment requirements. Varying goals and challenges. That's why at pan, we don't believe you should settle for generic, pre-set solutions. You need an industry-proven partner who's willing to take the time to understand your organization, talent pool and business objectives.

For more than ten years, pan has created the right combination of talent assessment solutions for hundreds of clients in diverse industries. We know that some organizations need proctored testing. Some just want to schedule candidates or administer employee selection and development tests online. Some just want a reliable and robust testing platform. All use assessments. So whether you're a small company, a large, global enterprise or government organization with simple or complex needs-pan can help. Our talent assessment solutions are flexible, scalable and can include any combination or level of employee assessments, technology or advanced human resource consulting services that you require.

  • Comprehensive Employee Selection & Development Assessments: We offer the industry's most diverse catalog comprised of hundreds of scientifically developed cognitive, personality, biodata and multi-rater feedback assessments from more than 50 top publishers.
  • Industry Leading Talent Assessment Technology: Our solutions are fueled by robust web-based technology, which gives clients a powerful platform to deliver and manage human resource hiring processes and tests.
  • Value-Added Services: We want to make sure that you get the most out of your partnership with pan. That's why we provide complementary assessment services that include talent measurement, proctored testing and proprietary test conversion.
Simple to Complex