Grow Your People to Fuel the Future

At pan we know that effective leadership drives performance and breeds success at every level of an organization—and can maximize the long-term success of your company. Our expert industrial-organizational psychologists are experienced at facilitating multi-faceted leadership development programs tailored to individual industries, companies and positions. Rely on pan to help you:

CREATE A FOUNDATION: Use Job Analysis and Competency Modeling to:

  • Define the critical performance and leadership competencies needed for on-the-job success and professional growth
  • Create a roadmap of job and leadership requirements to guide high potential identification, training and development initiatives and succession planning
  • Establish a common organizational language around jobs, job levels and leadership
  • Identify off-the-shelf assessments and develop critical talent measurement tools including interviews, simulations and role play exercises
  • Establish the relevance of development tools to provide evidence of utility

FIND YOUR FUTURE LEADERS: Incorporate assessments and other tools to identify the foundational, growth and career dimensions of high potential future leaders

GROW YOUR PEOPLE: Leverage Employee and/or Leadership Development Program Support to:

  • Implement assessments and other tools to identify employees' strengths and opportunities for development
  • Develop custom scoring and reporting of assessment results to communicate developmental feedback and provide techniques for individual growth and development
  • Assess complex leadership characteristics with high fidelity role play simulation exercises
  • Provide training and support materials to personnel responsible for coaching subordinates

PLAN FOR THE FUTURE: Implement Succession Planning Facilitation to:

  • Implement assessments within an existing succession planning process to evaluate the developmental needs and critical strengths of employees designated for future leadership positions

MEASURE EFFECTIVENESS: Apply Training Impact Evaluation to measure the impact of organizational training initiatives using pre-and post-assessment.