Make Your Assessment Dynamic

You've worked hard to create, validate and implement your organization's proprietary assessments into your employee selection and development initiatives. Now you need a reliable web-based testing platform to deliver them. Why not use pan's proven talent assessment technology to fuel your own proprietary tests?

By leveraging our expertise and experience building more than 1,200 proprietary assessments, we can web-enable any employee test that you author. pan does all the work for you. We can also incorporate advanced delivery requirements such as Flash, audio, video, images as well as enable complex scoring and reporting. The result will be a dynamic, secure and functionally sound online assessment that eases your ability to test and evaluate candidates. Partnering with pan to convert your tests offers multiple advantages including:

  • Multi Publisher Assessment Batteries: Get ready for pan to elevate your candidate evaluation process. Through our multi-publisher approach and our robust technology, you can create custom assessment batteries utilizing your own proprietary tests and leveraging our comprehensive catalog. You benefit with the simplicity that a single source offers, a consistent testing experience for your candidates and one location to obtain and combine assessment reports and results.
  • Advanced Reporting: We extend typical reporting and management options for groups by providing detailed assessment analytics for demographics, test activity and psychometrics. You gain real-time reporting of test results, details and trends as well as ability to combine scores from multiple assessments and publishers.
  • Talent Measurement Expertise & Support: We can support you through the entire employee selection and development process--from evaluating your propriety assessments to creating a complementary test battery to interpreting the results. And, we can help you dig deeper to further refine your employee hiring and development processes so that you meet strategic business objectives.