Designed to Meet Your Needs and the
Results You Want

At pan, we've made it a goal to help you maximize your investment in our talent assessment and technology solutions. Whether it is help choosing and implementing an employee measurement solution, strengthening your human resources practices or even better securing and monitoring your candidate's testing experience—we understand that sometimes you need more than online assessments to meet your organization's hiring and development requirements and objectives. Our knowledgeable team of industrial-organizational psychologists, customer relationship managers, and product and software engineers have the proven experience you need to ensure you find the right combination of pan's comprehensive offerings. Our complementary assessment services help you:

  • Dig Deeper into Your Human Resource Processes and Methodology: Let pan support you through the employee selection and development process with advanced talent measurement services—from helping you choose the right test to administering it to interpreting the results. And, we can help you dig deeper to further refine your employee hiring and development processes so that you meet strategic business objectives.
  • Deliver High Stakes Proctored Testing: To enhance security, reliability or efficiency, take advantage of our proven experience delivering proctored testing. Leverage pan's extensive network of more than 800 testing centers across the United States, or let us create a mobile testing solution that meets your remote or large-volume hiring needs.
  • Web-Enable Proprietary Assessments: Convert any test that you author into an online assessment by leveraging our experience building more than 1,200 proprietary candidate evaluation instruments. You'll benefit with all of the online functionality that you need, while gaining the ability to create a customized battery of assessments utilizing your tests or our diverse multi-publisher catalog, access to advanced reporting and proven talent measurement expertise and support.