Interested in what results we've achieved for our clients? We've got the case studies to prove it.

Large Convenience Store Chain

A large convenience store chain partnered with pan to provide assessments to candidates in the pre-employment stage. In the pre-employment stage, pan was able to create the Convenience Store Test Of Reliable Employees (CSTORE) which successfully gauged the likelihood of potential employees staying on the job for at least 90 days.


PDS, one of the nation's premier recruiting firms specializing in highly skilled trades, partnered with pan to provide assessments to candidates in the pre-employment stage. PDS was able to successfully reduce the number of potential employees who possessed a higher statistical probability of later resulting in a workers compensation claim.


Malt-O-Meal partnered with pan to develop and implement a valid and reliable selection system to screen applicants for production jobs. The project was driven by two goals: to enhance the quality of hire by assessing characteristics essential to successful job performance and to efficiently manage the large applicant pool.

JIST Publishing, Inc.

JIST Publishing, Inc. sought to increase revenue and serve the evolving online marketplace by delivering its tests in an online format. Consequently, pan began transforming JIST's paper/pencil assessments into online formats. This transformation included web-enablement of JIST assessments for direct sell to their customers through the development of a Web site maintained and managed by pan.

United States Department of Homeland Security - Transportation Security Administration

The project is the largest web-based testing program ever executed and involves close coordination with TSA and a host of other vendors in the hiring and human resource management of a 75,000 employee federal agency. pan is using our talent acquisition solution to manage all aspects of computerized pre-employment test delivery, including design and development of Java testing applets, proctored testing centers in over 300 sites across the United States, provision of remote testing facilities in overseas territories, and maintenance of a complex stream of transactions and .xml data exchanges amongst multiple vendors. pan also provides other high stakes candidate assessment programs for the Department of Homeland Security including the Federal Flight Deck Officer program. These robust solutions provide an average of over 10,000 testing and assessment sessions monthly. Professionals at pan have co-presented with U.S. DHS-TSA colleagues at professional scientific conferences, including International Public Management Association Assessment Council and the International Conference on Assessment Center Methods.