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Assessment Solutions that Create Results

You hire employees. You create strategies to grow employees. You measure peoples' skills, personalities and strengths for different jobs every day. And you need results—results that not only improve who you hire, but enable you to find the right person faster. Results that help you keep good employees longer and position them to perform better.

We also know that you rely on a variety of types and kinds of tools to select and develop employees including cognitive, behavioral and multi-rater feedback assessments. You measure talent across multiple categories such as critical thinking, interpersonal abilities, integrity, job related skills and more. That's why we offer the industry's most diverse catalog of scientifically validated, web-based assessments and tests for any position, industry or organization type. pan's comprehensive assessment solution offers you multiple advantages including access to:

  • Diverse Assessment Catalog: With hundreds of scientifically sound assessments, tests and 360° evaluations used in multiple sectors for diverse positions, levels and job familiesówe can help you meet any employee hiring and development goals.
  • Robust Web-based Testing Technology: Rely on pan's testing platform for a flexible, scalable and secure online delivery engine and management system for all of your assessments. You'll benefit with assessment authoring tools, hosting capability for proprietary tests as well as customizable candidate communication and reporting options.
  • Multi Publisher Batteries: Through our multi-publisher approach and our robust technology, you can create custom assessment batteries utilizing your own proprietary tests and leveraging our comprehensive catalog. You benefit with the simplicity that a single source offers, a consistent testing experience for your candidates and one location to obtain and combine assessment reports and results.
  • Talent Measurement Expertise & Support: Let pan support you through the entire talent assessment processófrom helping you choose the right test to administering it to interpreting the results. And, we can help you dig deeper to further refine your employee hiring and development processes so that you meet strategic business objectives.
  • Proctored Testing Services: In addition to delivering online access to all of our assessments, pan also offers a proctored test network if you require an advanced level of test security and reliability. Find out how you can leverage our large network of onsite and mobile testing centers nationwide.